2019 VOHL Fence Replacement

Please Note: Starting the week of Tuesday, 09/03/2019 the replacement of the common ground fencing will start on the south side of Hidden Lake Crossing at Dawson Creek by the pool. Emails have been sent out to the residents whose yards are affected. If you haven’t received an email, please message me.

The 2019 VOHL Fence Replacement on Hidden Lake Crossing is beginning Monday, 08/19/2019. Please check your email for notification if you live on the north side of HLX (that is the side that they are starting on first).

➡️Please note: Anyone whose property has common ground fencing on the north or south side of HLX and you live between the Amenity Center and Weiss you must move or remove anything (within the build line) planted or built up to the common ground fence for the fence vendor to have accessibility to replace the fence. Anything not moved and gets damaged is your responsibility.

Thank you!

Common Grounds Committee

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