Community Fence Repair

The Villages of Hidden Lake Common Grounds Committee has created a 5 year plan to address the fencing issues in our community. The bid for year 1 of this plan has been approved by the VOHL Board and work will begin next week.

If you are one of the 36 homes that have a community fence on the property line that will be impacted by this work (please see the photo below,) you should receive a notice on your door the week before work is expected to occur as access to your property may be needed.

The repair will include straightening of posts, replacement of rotten pickets and runners, and then after 30 days (once the pressure treated wood has cured,) paint the exterior, public facing side of the fence with stain color BEHR Russett 35S-87340.

UPDATE: Our original contractor pulled their bid for this project. We are actively working to get several other bids for the project and will move forward with this project as soon as the board approves a new bid. Sorry for the delay.

If you have any concerns, feel free to email the Common Grounds committee at


VOHL Community Garage Sale – April 1st

VOHL Community Garage Sale registration!!! The sale will be on April 1st. Again we are using Garage Sale Finder to advertise each sale. Many shoppers use this app to find sales and plan their route. Make sure to register your Garage Sale with the following link to get the best turn out!!!

Register here:


Here is the Garage Sale Map of the Registrations:


The Common Grounds Committee wants your feedback!

Share your idea

Outside of what we have scheduled for 2017, what do YOU think could be improved in the community related to the common grounds in VOHL? It is already time to start prioritizing plans for 2018, and we want to know what you think. So…share your thoughts, snap a picture, & help us identify what can be improved.

2017 Plans include:
Landscape Updates at the Entrances
New Landscape Maintenance Company
Bandice Park Plan Approval from City and Phase 1 Completion
Fence Repairs to Section 1 of Community Fencing
Replacement and additional restoration of trees
Additional Playground Fill and replacement of drinking fountain
Working with the county to improve the sidewalks and streets
Working with the city to improve the soccer field and city mowing

Send your thoughts to today!