A Note from the Deed Restrictions Committee

The Deed Restriction Committee would like to share this information with you.

Yard of the Month

The Deed Restrictions Committee is excited to recognize residents who invest time and effort in making VOHL beautiful through the annual Yard of Month program. Nominations are being accepted, and a winner will be announced each month from May until September. Please send your nominations via email to deedrestrictions@villagesofhiddenlakehoa.com. Be sure to include the address.

Trash Talk

  • Trash & recycling is picked up in VOHL on Mondays (with recycling alternating weeks). Observed holidays are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day and pickup days are moved forward one day.
  • Bulk items like appliances and mattresses must be scheduled through the city by calling (512) 990-6100.
  • Tree limbs that are no longer than 4 feet can be bundled and placed curbside.
  • Did you know the Pflugerville Recycling Center is available for use by VOHL residents? Bring a valid photo ID and recent utility bill (water/sewer/garbage) statement.
  • Contact the city if your trash was not collected. They will make arrangements to pick it up as soon as possible and are fairly diligent. Also, contact our property manager if you expect to leave your uncollected trash on the curb overnight.
  • For non-trash pick-up days, please make sure your trash and recycling receptacles are stored completely out of view from the street. They must be stored behind the fence or in the backyard.

For a full schedule and details, including registration to receive email or text notifications, please check out the Pflugerville city website.

Raising the Bar
It’s time to get serious about the appearance of our neighborhood. Our property management company has been instructed to increase standards for violations. What does this mean specifically? The main focus of violations going forward will be:

  • Fence repairs- leaning fences, missing or broken pickets, broken gates
  • Lawn maintenance- cracking down on required upkeep
  • Trash cans- need to be hidden in garage or backyard NOT on side of house

Please help us keep our neighborhood beautiful.