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VOHL Neighborhood Watch Program – We need your help!

It is common for law enforcement agencies to experience an increase in crime during the summer months. With Summer time quickly approaching, this is even more of a reason to start a Neighborhood Watch Program. Garrett Moxley will be implementing a Neighborhood Watch program in VOHL and is looking for people to join the committee. Below is some information about the program. Please let us know if you are interested by replying to this email or contacting Garrett directly by email at neighborhoodwatch@nullvillagesofhiddenlakehoa.com

So what is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program, which enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in their communities.

It involves:

• Neighbors getting to know each other, taking the time to care about each other, and working together in a program of mutual assistance.
• Citizens being trained to recognize and report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods.
• Crime prevention strategies such as home security, Operation Identification and others being implemented by citizens.

As a Member of Neighborhood Watch you should:

• Get to know your neighbors. Know their names and be able to identify them and their vehicles by sight.
• Maintain a map of your neighborhood along with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of your neighbors. You should also have daytime work telephone numbers in case you need to contact them at work, or a relative’s number in case of an emergency while your neighbor is away and unavailable.
• Implement home security measures to make your residence unattractive to a potential burglar.
• Mark all of your property using the Operation Identification program, and conduct a complete inventory of your valuables.
• Be watchful over your neighbors’ homes, especially when they are away or on vacation.
• Write down license plate numbers and descriptions of suspicious looking vehicles and persons in the neighborhood and report them to the Sheriff’s Office immediately.

As a Block Captain you should:

• Be familiar with your assigned area and it’s members.
• Keep residents informed of meetings, crime concerns in your area, and new residents.
• Recruit new members as they move into your neighborhood, and encourage participation for members that have lost interest.
• Attend quarterly Block Captain meetings.

As a Program Coordinator you should:

• Provide leadership and organization to the group.
• Plan and schedule group action, monthly meetings, and quarterly Block Captain meetings.
• Preside over meetings and supervise neighborhood newsletter.
• Work with Blocks Captains to establish block boundaries and fill Block Captain vacancies.
• Supervise collection of funds for Neighborhood Watch signs and stickers.
• Serve as a liaison with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office and notify them of any new programs or updated contact information.
Please check out this training guide for more information on the Travis County Neighborhood Watch here.

Help us make VOHL a safer place.