2015 Summer Yards of the Month

Congratulations to you Yard of the Month winners!!

The Yard of the Month program recognizes VOHL residents that contribute to the beauty of our neighborhood. Each month (May – September) four yards are selected. Winners receive a $25 gift card to Home Depot and the honor of a “Yard of the Month” sign placed in their yard.

Do you know someone that deserves Yard of the Month? Please send nominations to the Deed Restriction Committee: deedrestrictions@nullvillagesofhiddenlakehoa.com

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AT&T Infrastructure Upgrade

AT&T will be upgrading their infrastructure in our neighborhood. The work is being performed on behalf of AT&T by contractors. (This work is NOT being done by the HOA.) The construction activities will involve the 10’ PUE (Public Utilities Easement) that is located across the front yard of all homes in the community.  The facilities will primarily be installed by directional boring, but some excavation will be needed to install junction boxes in some locations and new service pedestals. The work will be isolated to a few blocks at a time and begin soon. Estimated completion is Fall. Efforts will be taken to minimize damage to yards however maybe unavoidable. In those cases, restoration will be done at upon completion of each section.

It has been brought to our attention that there are TWO contractors working. If you have questions, concerns or yard restoration, please contact them directly:


Centex Drilling
Matt Romansky

Thank you for your continued support,